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DAV Institutions have carved niche in the field of education in India with a focus on holistic development of students. In fact Education is seen in a large perspective  by the DAV Organization having a progressive vision to develop the three dimensions of children’s personality : Cognitive, Effective  and the Psychomotor. DAV education system lays substantial stress on both curricular and co-curricular activities focusing on building confidence , cultivating  communicable skills, nurturing scientific temper and inculcating life skills, with the result that our students have been performing extremely well in co-curricular events, perceiving education as a whole, a complete development of body , mind and soul. The emerging world and Indian scenario is depressing and as a traumatic shock to mankind , has major implications in the degradation of human values and spirituality. The famous poet T.S Eliot,  has graphically described the present dilemma in the following words “ Where there is wisdom that we have lost in knowledge where is the knowledge we have lost in information”. The cycles of heaven in twenty centuries bring us farther from god and nearer to dust.